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The Adventures of the Chris Brick Tesla Coil - Many years back, in the HorseCow era, Chris constructed this fine coil and showed it all over, at Burning Man, and other alternative gatherings. Then along came life and a son, and it got dusty for many years. I always recalled how thrilling it was for me to see, as it screamed and slung huge white arcs. So one day I called Chris, and he kindly consented to my working on and showing this old warhorse. It's been quite a journey to master it, and then make it road worthy. With great thanks to Mr. Brick, then, here are some shots as it has evolved. They are not in order, so you can guess which was the old construction, and the evolution to today.


Some stats- the secondary is 18" by 60" wound with #22? insulated wire. the primary about eight turns of 1" strap copper. There are four Maxwells in parallel for .08 mFd. The power supply is four excimer laser supplies in parallel for .6 amps at -- 32,000 volts. The gap is a sucker gap, that is a tad touchy, but surprisingly seriviceable, all things considered. The toroid is 10" duct mounted on a 20 gallon tub, with a director of obtainium.


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